The automobile service business environment is becoming increasingly more difficult. Manufacturers are attempting to hold onto their customers through aggressive customer loyalty concepts such as service guarantees with a validity of several years.

At the moment there are roughly 40,000 automobile concerns of which over 50% are independent garages. Whilst the number of manufacturer committed businesses is steadily decreasing the number of independent garages has been increasing for years.

Alone in Germany there are more than 40 different garage systems with which the wholesalers try to bind the independent garages to them.

Trade locally but think internationally. The GROUPAUTO Deutschland has established itself as a solid entity within the automobile service market by developing strong performance concepts, co-operating on a long term basis with leading original equipment manufacturers, providing practical service regarding garage equipment as well as showing strengths on a national basis in an international network.

Its strength of performance, innovation, future orientation and also its numerous activities makes the GROUPAUTO Deutschland one of the largest and most creative trade area organisations in the aftermarket Germany. It is therefore a powerful partner for wholesale and industrial partners in both the passenger and commercial vehicle garage business areas. The concepts which are well established in the market belong nationally and internationally to the strongest performance orientated networks. The GROUP AUTO Deutschland does justice to the increasing quality and price consciousness of the motorist and the vehicle fleet business – today and in the future.


GROUPAUTO International

The GROUP AUTO International was founded in 1990 with the countries France, Spain and Germany. Today the Group has 32 members (countries), 1274 wholesalers and over 2974 points of sale.

The GROUPAUTO International is the international parent organisation and each country represents itself executively. The focus is on European activities, other country organisations are active in Russia, Middle and South America. The GROUPAUTO International promotes and develops different concepts which are in turn organised and put into practice in Germany from the GROUPAUTO Deutschland.